Cubs owners spark hope

Falling asleep to the Yankee’s drubbing of the Phillies the other night, I couldn’t help but notice the lame, bland voice of the announcer who was no Harry Caray, the sonorous voice of the Cubs.
“It’s a high, fly ball to left field,” I can almost hear the late Caray intoning, a soundtrack from my childhood.
The Cubs seemed to always be on the radio, especially on long car trips from the Chicago suburbs to Des Moines.
Despite years on the East Coast, I remain fond of the Cubs. Perhaps because Wrigley Field, their old-timey stadium is just what a baseball stadium should be, in contrast to more modern behemoths.
The last time I was there – with my dad, my son, my brother and his kids – Sammy Sosa was battling Mark McGwire in the home run derby.
But despite the loyalty of the fans, the Cubs never seem to make it to the top. Their last World Series championship was in, gasp, 1908.
But now, the Cubs’ new owners are stoking the dreams for Cubs fans that the Cubbies will one day be in the World Series or even win the World Series.
The Ricketts family that now owns the Cubs promises to do right by the team and the fans.
“We share the passion of Cubs fans for the team and Wrigley Field and are eager to go to work building the championship tradition all Cubs fans so richly deserve,” Tom Ricketts, the board chairman, told the press. After years of penny-pinching owners, the Ricketts family intends to invest all profits back into the team and stadium, a positive development indeed.

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  1. Sunkist says:

    Hey! The Phillies won last night 8-6!

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